List of Approvals

EASA Part 21 Subpart G Production Organisation Approval - Certificate Ref UK.21G.2692


-C2 Parts – Aircraft Cabin Interiors, Cabin Dividers,
Seat Components including primary structure, Non-Structural Cabin Components, IFE Systems including associated harnesses and cables,
Soft Furnishings, Structural Metallic Mountings


EASA Part 21 Subpart J Design Organisation Approval Certificate Ref. EASA.21J.129

UAE GCAA Design Organisation Approval Certificate Ref. DOA/130

Scope of work:

Minor Changes and Minor Repairs to both small and large Aeroplanes and Rotorcraft Cabins

- Cabin Interiors

- Cargo Compartments

- Electrical Cabin Systems

- External Schemes, Placards and Markings

- Flight Deck Interiors

EASA Part 145 Maintenance Organisation Approval Ref. EASA UK.145.01387

FAA Repair Station Approval  -Certificate Ref. 4A4Y963B

TCCA CAR 573 Maintenance Organisation Approval  Certificate Ref. 808-19


C3 Comms & Nav

Maintenance and Repair of:

- ATA Chapter 23 In-flight Entertainment Systems 


C5 Electrical Power

Maintenance & Repair of:

- ATA Chapter 24 Electrical Power e.g. Galley Boiler and Beverage Makers.

- ATA Chapter 33 Lights


C6 Equipment

Maintenance & Repair of:

- ATA Chapter 25 Equipment/Furnishings e.g. Passenger Seats, Crew Seats     and Class Divider
- ATA Chapter 44 Cabin Systems

- ATA Chapter 50 Cargo and Accessory Compartments


C13 Indicating / Recording Systems


UKAS Test House Laboratory Accreditation Ref. 2776

- Flammability Testing of Plastics & Fabrics i.a.w. Regulation CS/FAA 25 8539(a)